Thursday, August 6, 2009

Once again, the Monkey Cage has been away for quite awhile but it will resurface with a quick one for now and that is one of those moments when some monkeys in the society redefine what has already been rightfully defined.


Picture 1, clearly, coconuts, from a tree, plucked by a monkey, or two, possibly, I think...

Picture 2, HUCKLESS COCONUT, need I say more? I don't think so...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Signs, be them posts or boards, serve one purpose and one purpose only (that is if you discount the fact that some might use them as weapons or interpret them as decorative items...). That is, to send out a message, inform the reader about something. Sometimes though, things can turn out just so wrong even though the objective to tell people about something is so simple...


Apparently they don't, not to the people who came up with these names and terms though. Have a look and you'll know what we're talking about...

We've seen a few stupid specimens of very bad/odd/unthinkable word-usage before but mostly one at a time, now we have 3 and I guess it would be fun to rank them so here goes...

COMING IN AT NUMBER 3;One can only imagine how big 6 X's represent...

In 2nd place;This is an interesting one... It can either be a very humiliating case of misspelling or could have an alternate meaning. Then again, which business would want to reveal their real initiatives as conmen?

This would have easily been number one. Unfortunately for the con people aged 3 and above though, the people in the donut business have outwitted their conning instincts.

And the best of the best is;

Notice number one on the list. The words speak for themselves. Imagine someone asking you about your occupation and you having to blurt out "Oh, I'm an Ass Manager...". Okay.......

There you have it, words certainly don't come easy, not to some at least. It's just incredible how the person who wrote it can forward it for printing without noticing anything wrong, the printing party can go ahead with printing the material without noticing any oddities and the people who put these up for the public to see can easily place them in the open without noticing any laughable or questionable content. Simply incredible.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

People... People... People... It is not known whether any of you have been waiting for this or not, but here it comes. THE MONKEY CAGE IS BACK. Whether you like it or not, well, hopefully you do or else you won't be here would you, the monkey-fied aspects of our lives have come flocking to its rightful residence here at the cage and without any further delay, let's do a rewind in chapters to commemorate the 'Idunohowmanytimesalready' revival of the Monkey Cage...

So, we started with Roman Numerals, then moved on to numbers as we know today, what's next?

CHAPTER 0001 (ooohh yeah, binaries baby...) : REVIVAL - THE PICTURE FILM
Opening Narration (accompanied by drumrolls, imagine people) ;

FLIES. Flies are filthy bugs, lurking around the stench of anything rotten, feasting and breeding on the vile surfaces of the most decomposed remains of the ugliest pieces of flesh, horror movie creatures, only real... Often, these little bits of terror on wings terrorize us humans too, and apart from discovering how to take a bath, our species has discovered another breakthrough in our quest against these creatures of mass disgust... Behold, the DEODORANT!

Wait a minute... Is that? Let's take a look from another angle...
Can it be a.... No, it can't be...

Oh.. The trauma...



Well, whether it is the end of that horrific story or not, it certainly isn't the end of the Monkey Cage, heck, there will never be an end. Because as long as time passes by and people inhabit this world, there will always be monkeys among us, very possibly living in our shadows, or ARE what cast our shadows too... So go home, take a bath, and take this all in, and while you're at it, sort out your toiletries will you? Especially on your deodorants if you get the point...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Monkey Cage is not only back after quite a hiatus, it is back but in actual fact not really in the confines of a location called home. The cage has been re-situated and as it finds its new home, new monkeys are unfortunately scarce. However...


There have been many posts on a certain famous blog which depict the hilarities or more likely stupidities of signboards of stores, eateries and miscellaneous establishments. The Monkey Cage is probably just a minute unit as popular as that traffic eater of a weblog but today, the Monkey Cage has totally defeated each and every supposedly stupid or funny signboard one finds there with a signboard captured on its own to be the first signboard inducted into the Monkey Cage Hall of Fame... Behold,In some cases we laugh at the logo, most of the time the name... This time, BOTH! Now if only someone cares to share about how a haircut or some other form of "treatment" in the PORN SALOON is like because The Monkey Cage is probably unqualified to even take a guess at how business is like for this very interesting salon.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What I saw that day spun my mind more turbulent than a washing machine when set to tumble. I never knew the monkeys living among us, around us and with us need it so much...


Mating is a part of life, not just for monkeys but for all other creatures, monsters, homosapiens and supersapiens as well. Don't doubt me, I'm quite sure Hellboy didn't appear from thin air. However babies aren't what most people would want and due to that, there's this thing that was created and I NEVER KNEW A TRUCK LOAD OF IT WOULD BE NEEDED EVEN FOR A TINY TOWN LIKE THIS.

The amount of the advertised product that could fill the truck would simply be staggering, to the extent that if every one was put to good use, it could prevent the population of the world from doubling, no, tripling, hence, stopping the surface of the earth from sinking in as a result of more fatties roaming the land. The truck driver must be saluted (since no other personnel can be thought of) because as long as someone with seven hundred times the power of Mr. Freeze does not appear to save the world from global warming, he is the hero for the day. Playsafe indeed.


The Cagekeeper,
Living in a world of monkeys, re-projecting life as it comes by...




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